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Re-asking the winter tire ?

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Need to put some winter tires on my old 19's soon. Its starting to snow here in CO. We have mostly packed snow/ice all winter long, with deep snow here and there I have to get through. Cost not a factor, what tire should I put on?

thanks for the input. btw - Im not worried about highway performance because I run the 20's the rest of the year.
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I've just gone out and bought the Cooper Discoverer M+S.

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This seems like a good site for suggestions: http://www.apa.ca/template.asp?DocID=299. The Coopers are rated low mainly because of recall history. So take that with a grain of salt. Also, I don't think they come in 19". Seems like the best choices might be the Yokohama Geolandar (which comes in a 235/55R19) and the Blizzak DM-Z3. The latter are on closeout and can be had for a bargain if you can find some stock in 19". The 20" ones are about $64 off per tire on TireRack. The DM-Z3 is replaced by the DM-V1 which looks (to me) like the tread pattern would be more stable for road and more biting edges for ice, but less void ratio for deep snow.
I believe Cooper have now come out with a new Discoverer M+S Sport
which is available in rubberband sizes.

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