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Rattles (Making me Sad)

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I realise this is a very ambiguous question - but I have a rattle in my TD6 vogue which is really annoying me! :crybaby2:

Its nothing to do with the trim or dash, and seems to be coming from the passenger seat or the rear bench (not the parcel shelf). I have had all the seats up, tightened everything up, and it still rattles! Are there any common causes of rattle in these RR's? It sounds like its trim releated but i dont know where to start. I might just take it to land rover and chuck them an hours labour to find it - its that annoying! :lol:

Any advice appreciated.
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On my D3 I had an annoying rattle that turned out to be a cable tie in the drivers door panel. Apparently this is common in the doors.....

LR service technition came for a drive and picked it out almost immediatly :thumb: (Not all bad)
The easiest way is to let someone else drive and start listening and pressing trim and stuff until you identify the source.
It's the sunroof blind (i.e. the sliding panel) that rattles in mine. Might be worth sliding it forwards/backwards while you can hear the rattle to see if it alters it?

+1 on the sunroof blind mines the same, normally i can get it to stop by sliding the back then forward.
Thanks Guys, Ill do some rattle inspection once again tommorrow :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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