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Rangerover l322 suspension

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Hi can anyone help I've got a 2004 rangerover td6.
This has Only happened over the last week,when I drive it my suspension goes down on the left front corner,when I park it up the suspension levels out back to normal,I've looked everywhere for an answer can't find a sausage,I've done a leak test took the battery terminal off over night,in the morning everything is normal,I go out and the same **** happens again the suspension works on the button no problem,the pump seems to be fine,apart from it making a bit of a load ish noise please can anyone put me in the right direction.
I'm totally baffled...
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Height sensor malfunctioning? Also maybe a leak that only leaks when juggled around when driving?
Thanks for that mate,I'll have a look at that sensor today.
If it is the height sensor the Chinese ones are pretty cheap but buy two because one will stop working !
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