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Hi all, I am new here so thank you for your time,
‘I used to own a supercharge v6 petrol 2015 and loved it, changed to a c63s amg coupe and love it but going back to one of the above cars,
‘I took a sd6 for a drive yesterday which was the dynamic sport 2018 demo and am having issues finding information about the main difference between the dynamic hse sdv6 and the sport hse sdv8
dealer did not provide too much information,
‘my understanding is that the dynamic will let me adjust steering, transmission, suspension and engine a bit differently, but at hse sdv8 uses a different suspension setup where basically the 2 cars will be about the same?
is there an actual difference between both these cars?
most of my driving is city based, some sand driving to get to beaches and that is about it, I know in terms of performance compared to the c63 I am missing out on a lot as they are 2 different cars but the comfort is just lovely in the Range Rover and good to be back in a big car.
thank you for all your help in advance.
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