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I have had this car a week and the mp3 playback from a USB stick was a bit hit and miss . The problem i was having on certain mp3 albums it would display an error which then meant i couldn't play any mp3 on that USB until i powered the car down and back on .

I read a few posts from people regarding it, here is a few suggestions

Change Bitrate of said mp3 to below 190
Change from constant bitrate to VBR
Remove the metadata from the mp3 file
play music from phone instead

But ! here is my fix , after checking the differences between each album that worked and the ones that didn't i noticed the ones that did work used the Lame mp3 encoder 3.99.

All i had to do was download audacity and the lame codec for windows , Goto File>Chains>Apply chains, Click "Mp3 Conversion" and then "Apply To files" , select the files to convert and hit ok . Files will then be converted and will work fine on the Range rover touchscreen system.

Hope this is of help to any one thats been suffering.
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