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Hello Everyone.

I have recently purchased the StarTech Exhaust for my 2012 Range Rover Sport. – However, I would like to inquire about something, as I am currently installing the electronic cutout valve. – I understand that this job may have been previously done by someone on the forums, and I would like just like to kindly ask about something, please.

The mechanic at the garage that I am installing the exhaust is clear on everything within the instructions manual that was sent along with the Exhaust, however we would just like to kindly ask about one of the instructions.

In regards to Page 5, Instruction 1 in the Manual (please find the attachment). – The mechanic would like to have clarification on which vacuum hose needs to be cut, as he just needs confirmation before cutting it (he would just like to be sure about the layout).

I have attached several pictures with this e-mail (please find the attachments), please may someone highlight the vacuum hose in one of the pictures, so that the mechanic will be sure to cut the right one. – He explained to me that all the instructions were clear, however he just needs to double-check before continuing with the installation job.

I really hope that someone may be able to help me with this, please.

Thank you very much!

Yours Sincerely,

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I believe the picture you have from the instructions is for a SC vehicle, and it appears they want it inline with the bypass valve, which is not on NA vehicles.

You might want to call StarTech, or who ever the retailer was for the best advice, because it seems they want actual vacuum to it.

The NA operates differently, and the only places I can think with manifold vacuum are the purge valve and the PCV valve lines. At the rear of the intake manifold there are vacuum actuated valves for the Variable Intake System, but these use vacuum from the vacuum pump, not manifold, and vacuum is applied under higher load, which is the opposite of what you would get from hooking into the bypass on the SC variants.
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