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range rover side slope capability ?

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hey guys does anyone know thats the maxixmum side slope capability for classic range rover?
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HUMMER H1 said:
james said:
You mean the angle at which it rolls over? I think it's around 29-31 degrees for the classic, but I can't remember where I got figure from.

If you've lifted the RR, it may be less than that..
so if lifted then we r looking at 20-25 may be? its interesting to know ( but i dont tink it can take 31 degrees) :)

tnx 4 the info.

Too many variables. You can't say if its lifted it will do X degrees. Does it have a 2" or a 5" or more? What size tires? Wheel wideners? What suspension components? Too many variables to say.

Take it out and see what it will do. If it rolls, knock off a couple of degrees and you'll have your answer. :lol:

HUMMER H1 said:
[quote="Tim (Scotland)":2hi1mm8m]According to the Land Rover book, the static test rig result is around 40degrees depending on model.
It then goes on to warn about lumps, bumps, loose stones etc and points out that 1" of ground variation equates to 1 degree of tilt. Digging out on the upside is also suggested.

i really think land rover is dreaming. 40 degrees no way . :lol:[/quote:2hi1mm8m]

On a static test, I think you'd be surprised. You certainly wouldn't want to try that in the real world, though.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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