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My car pictures:
504076052_gSGDOZ2JhppbJ0lyKuTGQkrjo1AS76Ejqp4u04t9lh8.jpg 504076052_tciX-TQGYgAnA7_okawBSvOCWNHfpTLeVEhBdaDVfHo.jpg

Vehicle Model: 1997 V8 4.6 (HSE) Vogue

My problem:

1. When I press the sanroof button downwards, the sanroof opens upwards, but when I press it to turn it back off (Sanroof) Not Set warns "Temporarily unplug the socket with the help of two external cables to reverse the motor and turn it off and turn it off or I turn it on completely How do I solve this problem ?

2. As for the transmission, the front dial shows gears such as DNRP on the instrument panel. When I select "Sport or Manual from Mode Selection", the system is activated but does not write on the screen, but since I got the transmission, I ended up with an intermediate battery and then pushed the Mode button. SPORT came in S - D became visible 1 or 2 km after I went this post disappeared and still can not see on the dial screen How can I solve this problem?

3. When I select Sport on the dashboard above the gearbox, the light is on but there is no such problem when I signal to the right, and when I signal to the left it reacts the same signal as the signal. poorly lit, sometimes not lit at all When I turn on the lights, the Sport mode light, and when I select Sport Mode, D or 3 2 1, whichever is selected, does not change the gauge on the instrument panel. How do I solve the problem until I press Mode again?

4. No original key in the car so immo has been canceled and I had a case that I did not have such a problem, we checked the installation in front of the vehicle and we renewed the cloth bands in the installation when the battery is removed and re-plugged the doors were locked after the door was opened with the key, but now the central lock is normally from the driver's door When I lock it with the key, they were all locked up. This is not happening anymore. How can I solve this problem?

I would like to thank everyone in advance for their help.
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