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Hello. Does anyone know / can tell me/point me in the right direction to get the technical instruction on how to remove the ignition/key/barrell assembly from the dashboard of a 2007 range rover L322?

I have asked my Dealer to forward the information to me, and i am now waiting a week!

Although, I run a Land Rover repair shop, I have not managed to find anybody who has changed an ignition barrell before and although I am familiar with the earlier car, I do not want to rip into this one, without knowing where all the fasteners are etc. and I need to get deep into this are of the dashboard as it is where I believe the electrical problems with this vehicle originate.

I am going to guess that the ignition switch/location/technical is identical to that of the petrol model although obviously the right hand drive European model differs to the left hand drive North American one.

Thank you - all help greatly appreciated.

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