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Hi All,

Just joined the forum, we picked up a P400e Hybrid Range Rover Sport Autobiography - generally very happy with the car over the first 3 weeks.
Apart from one issue, we had to call out the Assistance company as car completely broke down, on a return journey with the batttery range already used up. We had to contact Land Rover Assistance. After being passed on to the AA, we discovered that we had completely run out of fuel, despite the fuel gauge still showing a 1/4 tank of fuel and no fuel low warning message. As this was after only 350 miles since picking up the car we were far from amused. Needless to say the car went back to the dealer and they tell us the issue is resolved. We are currently running down the fuel level to see if their confidence is justified.
Just wanted to know if anybody else has suffered issues with the fuel gauge/fuel sender as i think i read on another thread that it may have been the reason for some delays in delivery schedules for early orders
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