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Range Rover endless problems, PLEASE HELPPPP

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Good day to you all

CAR: 1996 Ranger Rover 4.6 HSE

I have post numerous times problems regards to my Range Rover, and are now fed up...

I have two major issues on the Range Rover:
1) ABS/TC/HB Lights on Dash Board are on and I have no brakes and message from diagnostics saying "no power on ECU Pin1 when ignition is switched on"
2) When driving the car the Gearbox do not sense what gear to be in, From time to to time it will randomly kick a gear down or just select neutral for a second.

Problem 1:
After a lot of research i did replace the ABS Pressure switch on the pump and replaced the ABS Relay with new one (Not Cheap). This sorted the problem out until 4 days later...
What happens was, I was driving at 100kmph/60mph when suddenly the 3 light just came on and brakes faded. This is concern to me, what can cause the pump just to go. If i replace the ABS pump with new one, will it last for 4 days, that is a lot of money just to wast in 4 days. Form what I can see is that if i switch the ignition on to position II the ABS Relay (After opening the unit) Go to a close position but the pump do not kick in. Why will the ABS relay close the circuit... Is this to do with the fuse box or is the pressure switch broken again. What cause the ABS relay to burn the ABS pump if so.

Problem 2:
This a random problem. the gearbox will suddenly change between gear with out me changing throttle position. One day the gearbox is 100% fine then the next moment all goes hay wire on the gear, confusion some where. i have checked the oil level witch is fine. i must note that I took it to the land Rover Dealer for Diagnostics and only problem they picked up was that the TPS (Throttle position sensor) on receives 75% of power where is they test the throttle when ignition is turned to position II and open throttle to open receive 100%. no why will the TPS only receive 75%.

I LOVE this car, but are running out of idea's. ANY help will gladly be appreciated....

PS: I have the RAVE CD....
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With regards to your ABS issue, sounds to me like the ABS pump motor is dying, if not dead already.

If you put the key into position 2, and do not hear the pump go on then it's very likely that the ABS pump motor is seized.

Are you mechanically inclined? If so, take out the ABS pump, and separate the ABS pump motor from the pump assembly. There is going to be a metal rod on the motor side, which is part of the motor armature. Rotate it by hand, and see if it turns smoothly. If you can't rotate it, then you have a seized armature.

Any motor re-builder should be able to fix this-technically (A lot of them will refuse, because the motor housing is crimped shut, not bolted). I've had this operation done this year. The cost was $250USD-certainly cheaper than buying a new ABS pump assembly.
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