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Google pulls this up for US serial numbers

1 Country: S = UK
2 Manufacturer: A = British Leyland/Rover
3 Vehicle Make: L = Land Rover
4 Line (model)
D = 90 & 110
H = Range Rover Classic
J = Discovery
N = Freelander
P = Range Rover (mk2)
T = Discovery, Series II

5 Series (Emissions and wheelbase)
C = LWB (108") Range Rover Classic--must be a 49 State Emmissions
E = 50 State Emisssions: NAS Range Rover, mkII (100")
H = NAS 110"
N = 50 State Emissions: NAS Discovery (100")
V = 49 State Emissions: NAS 90" or NAS Range Rover, mkII (100")

50 State Emission for NAS Range Rover Classic (100" & 108") X = 50 State Emissions (California): NAS 90"
Y = 49 State Emissions: NAS Discovery (100") & Freelander

6 Body Type
1 = closed (hard top), 5 door
2 = open (soft top), 2 door. NAS D90s & Freelander
3 = closed (hardtop), 3 door. NAS D90 Station Wagon

7 Engine Type
1 = 3.5 L V8
2 = 3.9 L V8 and 4.0 L V8 (OBD II) or Freelander V6
3 = 4.2 L V8 (LWB Range Rover Classic
4 = 4.6 L V8

8 Steering/transmission and Gross Vehicle Weight class)
2 = Freelander automatic
3 = Canadian D110 and 6000 lb GVW
4 = LHD 4 speed automatic and 6000 lb GVW
8 = LHD 5 speed manual and 6000 lb GVW

9 Checksum for the other 16 digits
May be any digit from 0 to 9 or X.

1.A numberic value is assigned to each letter in the VIN
2.Each position of the VIN is given a weight factor
1=8, 2=7, ... , 7=2, 8=10, 10=9, ... , 17=2
3.Multiply each digit by it's weight factor and sum for positions 1 to 8 and 10 to 17.
4.Divided by 11 and find the remainder. The remainder is the 9th digit (with and X being used if the remainder is 10)
Example: a 1996 Range Rover Classic (SALHE124XSA660000)
VIN: S A L H E 1 2 4 X S A 6 6 0 0 0 0
number: 2 1 3 8 5 1 2 4 * 2 1 6 6 0 0 0 0
Weight: 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2
Multiply: 14 6 15 32 15 2 2 40 18 8 42 36 0 0 0 0
Add: 14 +6+15+32+15 +2 +2+40 +18 +8+42+36+ 0+ 0+ 0+ 0 = 230
Divide: 230/11= 20 remainder 10. So the 9th Digit is an X (as shown)
10 Year of Manufacture

11 (assembly location)
A = Solihull
12-17 (serial number)

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rrtoadhall, thanks for all of this info!! Unfortunately, I still dont know what the heck I have here. LOL :(
i will keep playing around with the info you posted and see if I can solve the riddle. Sorry guys, this is my first Rover so I am still learning the ways.

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crypticbcd said:
rrtoadhall, thanks for all of this info!! Unfortunately, I still dont know what the heck I have here. LOL :(
Where are we heading with this? Do you have a car you have bought, are looking to buy, can't figure out the year, concerned the engine doesn't match? If you give us a bit more info I betcha someone here could help you out. Again, market will make a difference. Where are you located?

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Oh, and as for your initial post. I am trying to figure out what I have here - so I can start looking for replacement parts. The outside is amazingly clean with no rust at all. The inside is a bit opposite and needs much work.

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:roll: That sure opens a can of worms.

The 36D engine is a 3.9/9.35:1 used in RR for '93&94 and Disco for 1995s with auto tranny. That's the easy part as engine swaps are not uncommon.

As far as your serial you appear to have too many digits. Can you post us a pic of the serial plate on the door edge and a pic of your rig?

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I dont have a photo of the serial plate right now. I will snag my camera from the office tomorrow and snap a shot. I do have a couple cell photos of the vehicle on my computer but I do not know how to upload them on this site since it is not url associated.

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On your reply screen simply click "browse" down below, find the file and click "submit". If you want to upload more than one pic click "add file" between browsing to each pic.

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Region S Europe
Country A United Kingdom
Manufacturer L British Leyland / Land Rover
Model LH Range Rover Classic
Wheelbase A 100"
Body type M 5-door station wagen
Engine M 3.9-litre V8 EFi Petrol
Steering / Transmission 4 LHD, Automatic
Model year J 1992
Assembly location A Solihull, UK
Serial number 614557


http://www.disgruntledgoat.com/content/ ... &op=crunch

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So these were considered to be Station Wagons, eh? Haha, that is quite funny....
Good looking out Eric D! Thanks for the help guys.
Now I just need to figure out the best site(s) to order replacement parts for the interior and exterior.

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Thanks! I definitely need to track down a new dash.

I am assuming the speedo is cable driven and not electric. If its cable, then I believe the adapter broke cause it definitely isnt working at the moment.
Are there any pics out there of a motor swap in the Classic?

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anything larger than this 3.9L but nothing so big that it creates issues of its own. honestly, i just started looking around but i am sure there are options out there. in the past, i was always a Ford Mustang guy (owned more than 8 and the last had over 600rwhp). obviously, that isnt the goal for this RR. i would like to get the interior back to a mint condition look and beef up the engine just a little. again, without creating issues with the transfer case, transmission, or anything else like that.
i had got a laugh out of it when i first turned on the air conditioner. first, it blew out like 6 months of sandy dust on me....then i noticed two of the air vents were held in place with zip ties. it doesnt have a radio, at all.... its missing the rubber piece off the gas pedal, and the housing around the auto and 4x shifter are cracked and falling apart. def needs some love! which i am perfectly fine with so long as the parts aren't impossible to locate and receive.
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