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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I am new to this forum and would appreciate very much if anyone can share with me his experience on EAS on his Range Rover 2 (P38 ) symptom as follows:
My eas air compressor runs quite frequently with intermittent stops for about 5 seconds before running again. No eas error message. Some clues for you as follows :
1) I notice that whenever I open the door when the car is parked on level ground with engine off, the eas will release air and lower itself.
2) I also try to run the engine to enable the eas to operate and open one of the door to stop the eas from changing height or leveling and see if the compressor will stop but it continues to pump non stop.
Is it due to the following faults:
1) bad pressure switch Or
2) leaking valve block or
3) need to recalibrate because I change front right and re right height sensors.
I do not wish to send to the workshop yet as they will 'rob' me as I experienced about 3weeks ago, just to diagnose my eas fault message, they charged me equivalent usd132 or gbp80, which i think is far too high. I am in Malaysia. Now I have ordered the Hawkeye diagnosis tool to do the diagnosis myself which I hope can save me the charges.
Highly appreciate your sharing and advice.
Thanks and regards
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