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Rancho rs5406 steering stabilizer

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Just a note saying I just replaced my orig stabilizer with Rancho rs5406 from
amazon $42.26 free shipping. had to buy 1 1/2 x 1/2 steel bushings for $1.70/ea
put in new 1/2 x 3 in bolts and locknuts. Had to grind a little of the disk at one end
of the stabilizer and open up the bolt holes just a smidgen with a drill bit.
all told 45 mn install. When my two year old wakes up from her nap test drive!
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Cool Hammerma.

I was wondering recently if there are a number of owners such as yourself who were at the stage of replacing all shockies and their steering stabilisers, if all of us wanted to band together and source new items from Doetsch-Tech for a group discount ! !

It would work out a lot less expensive and orders could be specified to individual trucks whether EAS equipped or running coils.

I've got a wholesale Fedex account and could arrange drop shipping door to door Stateside or International - any ideas fellows ?


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
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How did the new sterring stabilizer work out for you?
Vinni as I just installed a new stabilizer and waiting for my shocks im
currently not in the market I hope for new ones.
The rancho is a nice improvment I can actually tell especially
on the highway. Seems more on center less movment of steering wheel.
$50 well spent.

Agreed-my new return-2-centre steering stabiliser has been fitted now for Twelve months and is a definite improvement dude !

I'm in the process of helping "G-unit" get a set of shockies over to the Caucases before Christmas so the ball is already rolling ?


'88 Highline
Perth, W.A.
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For anyone that trys this the bushings/spacers that I bought
from the hardware store were 1 1/2 long and also needed to
be shortened by about 1/8 inch so I just used the bench grinder
and did a litttle from each end. I used new bolts non-metric
because the spacer was not metric and the hardware store
didnt have any. This was an easy job as long as you have
a drill and drill bit that can open the bolt holes a tiny bit
on the truck. The 1/2 bolts were just a tiny bit to big.
A round file would work fine also you really just need
to clean up the holes.
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