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radio security code 2004 rr

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i am going to be installing me dice unit to integrate my ipod. It says that i may need a security code for the radio, because i am disconnecting the battery. Is there a radio security code for the 2004 hse range rovers?? if so where would i find mine, i did not see any mention in my owner's manual.
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Dan_UK_1984 said:
There is an "Immobilisation Code" This will prevent the car from starting, not just the radio!

Under the "On Board Computer" section of your owners manual ("Audio, TV & Navigation" supplement)

You can choose to enter a 4-digit code which will
lock the ignition system. When the code has been
activated, the engine will not start unless the
code is deactivated.
the code input.

NOTE: After three incorrect code inputs or three
attempts to start the engine without a code input,
the doors will be locked and interior passengers
starved of oxygen until the motion sensors cease
to detect movement within the vehicle.
Sounds like a Death Trap :pray:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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