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Just wanted to let everyone know I just had my radio repaired and got it yesterday from Roverville-Radio Repair and all I can say is WOW :thumb:! John Monaghan is a genius! The radio looks brand new and sound incredible that how good John's work is!The radio was repaired in less than 2 days and John did everything he said and more! I had the ipod hook up installed and it sounds better than the cd or the tape player! When we bought our Rover the radio was locked out completely and wouldn't even turn on with the key in the ignition after long waiting.Found out about John' services through this Web page and sent John an e-mail and he emailed me back the next day! His detailed instructions on how to remove the radio and how to get it ready for shipping was extremely helpful and easy. A quick note when shipping always insure the radio and pack it very well to ensure no more damage can happen via the post office or the shipping company you use.The rest was easy! The radio arrived just like he said and I was able to track it via a Fedex tracking number. I put the radio back in and read the easy instructions on how to enter the code and it came right on the first time! John was always able to answer every questions I emailed him and believe me I asked alot with no problems! He emailed a detailed list of things wrong and reasurred me the radio was rapairable and would have no problem fixing and installing the ipod connector.The price was very very reasonable since going to the Land Rover dealer would of been very expensive! John services have more than lived up to his word and I cannot express enough to everyone to go to him for all your Range Rover Radio repairs needs!Thanks John you now have a lifetime customer! `)
please e-mail him at His web page or email address:
[email protected]
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