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Hello all, I have searched the forums and find posts about installing aftermarket head to solve all the early years shortcomings, or find threads about the misc parts supply list you need to get to make yours like an 2006 on, etc. I've done many of the second one, but having issues.

1. I got a clean working Mrk 3 navi computer with dvd logo. I then bought from BimmerNav the v32 update for it. It does now have split screen, shows name of radio channels, songs, etc,
But in navigation, it looks nothing like the images shown on the pages listing how to upgrade. It looks like the old navi system even though all updates were shown to be completed.

*****I purchased a 2007/8 navigation map like is recommended. DVD, new in package, genuine article. It took the update no problem. But as I said, the navigation doesn't look all nice and clean, it looks like the old basic ones, giant black areas for green parks and such, hard to see and very clumsy to use. I was under impression once updating to v32 and the latest maps it could take, it would be more user friendly********

I have about 10 pixels that are bad on my screen but that is not what is causing the old look.

2. My radio sounds horrible. Like stations can't lock in solid or something. Even though it shows strong signal on head unit.? How do I boost signal or check for issues? Cannot find troubleshooting in RAVE on this subject.

3. Once I changed to Mrk 3 and updated maps, my cd player is no longer recognized. It keeps saying no discs. I have the changer in glove box that was working fine before swapping nav computers and updates. Also my tape player keeps saying tape error whenever I try to put a tape in or a tape to aux adapter.

4. Last...and I wonder if it's somehow in same loop or systems connected...my communication screen on dash does not display. of course my lcd is going out, numbers are missing pixels and such, but the message area is just pure blank. It will sometimes display "keys in ignition" when you first get it and put keys in, but after that its blank. I thought it was supposed to show trip info, messages, etc.? My radio monitor screen will show things like mph , usage, etc. (it doesn't show 4x4 image though, is that only for the different radio unit? I did see a message one other time, it was at night and the EAS went out due to a freeze. It showed the eas inactive, but when I turned headlights on, the message went blank? lights off, it showed again. When I got the car the message area showed info. It wasn't until I pressed the post to reset mileage that it went blank. This and the fact that the radio tuner sounds like its "shorting" trying to keep signal strong makes me wonder if there is a short or something "off" in the whole media system.

also, not sure if makes a difference. When I had the old nav computer in, my back door speakers, and rear sub would hardly work. Sub not at all, back door speakers nothing but static kinda of music. Once new one was in and updated, suddenly I have subwoofer and thumping bass and rear speakers. But radio still sounds like its not tuned it well.

I also have a mic in my overhead, an aux option on my menu on radio and phone button, but no Bluetooth or anything. I thought the Mrk 3 nav upgrade would at least get me the option of one of those, or what is the cheapest way to add that to this system?

When I check the cargo back left entertainment storage of all components, I see no moisture, or loose connections, or shorts, or anything loose, etc. Vehicle only has 97000 miles and doesn't look like anything was ever chopped on or messed with. Was an older previous owner and she was original owner.

Are there any updates I need the dealer to do to the car to get it right? The original navi computer had no disc in it, so had no navi when got car. No disc came with Mrk 3, so I bought the one recommended. Did I miss something by not updating each version one at a time? if that makes sense to anyone ;)

Any appreciated....radio stations suck here in HOuston, suck even more when static filled in whats supposed to be a luxury SUV. I need Bluetooth or aux in and would really like to hear the Logic 7 system work to its finest.

Hope this makes sense, and appreciate any help or guidance. I don't mind simply buying one of the aftermarket head units someone on here got that solves most of this, but I've heard its not easy if you have the Logic 7 system because of the amp? So looking for best option to get aux or Bluetooth with what I've already invested in upgrading, and solve the tuner, ugly navi, and also figure out whats up with communication panel?
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