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Radio maintance

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I recently took the Rover in for some adjustments on the passenger door because of some vibrations while playing the radio.

When I got my Rover returned to me, I noticed that there is a big difference in the sound quality coming from the radio. It seems that some how it might be pumping less amps or something. Now I need to turn up bass and highs and also adjust the rear sub higher to make it sound almost like it did before.

Oh the vibrations are still in the door.

Is there a way that LR adjusted the radio from back door menu and did not tell me?
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Are you positive the sub/lows/highs weren't turned up before and weren't just reset back to flat? I believe there is also a setting that can use your sub/low/high settings across all sources (Radio/CD/Aux) or you can enter each separately; perhaps that got reset?
It sounds like they may have put the Logic 7 back on...which for normal stereo setting makes it sound much worse. Scroll thru from base, to treble to balance to fader until you see if Logic 7 is ON or OFF...

Just a thought...
I am sure that there is control in the extended menu that we can not access "yet".
Like on the BMW radio, there was a way to go in and lower the amp.

Needless to say I will be talking to the LR mechanic to see what info they might be willing to share on this.
Moved to Mark III forum. Although similar, the RRS audio system is not quite the same as the full size (no touchscreen controls.)

I thought I was going crazy until I saw this post. I was thinking the other day that my radio has no highs (no crystal clear sound) and its pretty muddled. Requires +5 treble to sound reasonable.

I also have a rattle in the driver door and have had two tweeters replaced. Funny thing is its the family car (ie I dont drive it) and my kids watch mostly DVDs or listen to Sirius Radio / Kids Channel.

I remember the sound being amazing when we first got the car.

If I knock on the dash right next to the center speaker while the system is on and playing I can hear subtle changes in the sound.

Does the Logic 7 use microphones to create its sound field?

In any event its driving me nuts (the sound and rattle) - I also had the bluetooth upgrade done for it to work with my blackberry as well as the RR ipod adapter (piece of junk)
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Ok, there is a back door menu where these adjustments are performed by any LR dealer.
I have asked that they return the settings back to factory spec and let me adjust from there. I'll let you know how it goes tonight.

So if there is a back door menu, I bet we can also set nav to work while driving :dance: just need to work on getting code.

Can you tell me how to get to that screen on the NAV?

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