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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I recently bought a used L322, and the stereo worked like a charm until about three or four weeks ago. The previous owner has already by-passed the Nokia phone module with the standard workaround on the fiber optic cable.

When I bought this RR, I had to periodically remove the 15A radio fuse under the dash and then reinsert it for the radio to work. Then three weeks ago, that stopped working.

I did a hard reset by shorting together the battery cables, and that brought the stereo to life, but then it died again after shutting the engine off. Now, even a hard reset will not work.

Now, nothing happens--no orange light on the power button. Only the backlight for the buttons on the side of the head unit are illuminated when the headlamps are on.

This afternoon, I found that the fiber optic connector to the H/K Logic 7 unit was not plugged in, and it had not been bypassed, so I plugged it in, and still nothing. But I was able to see the flashing red pulse from the Logic 7 unit when the plug was out (thanks to a dentist's mirror). I haven't tried a hard reset since this.

When the stereo did work, it sounded brilliant!

Any suggestions?

Thank in advance.

(2005 Range Rover HSE, 4.4L BMW V8)
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