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Radio Blues Again

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OK , so I am determined to figure out my radio problem. It is intermitent and lately goes and stays gone more than a lot. matter of fact, its been 2 weeks since I last heard my radio.

I have a handy dandy little test speaker and finally i was going to figure out what is wrong today. I have the 2002 with DSP and golly gfee whizz if this thing is not confusing. First of, I know this is like a basic 6 channel amp design. My radio does work. I can hear navigation talking. I can turn the voume up and down through the radio but when i do all i get is a louder and softer hssing noise. NO Radio or CD audio sound whatsoever. The 6 channels of audio sound IS coming out of the radio, I do hear when using my test speaker. I heard it on all channels. Whats crazy to me is that the it seems that the VOULME level is not controlled by the radio. As I turn the radio up and down the sounds stays constant coming out of all channels, even the sub wires. So im guessing this thing sends a signal to the back to turn the volume up and down through the DSP. So two things I figured out this morning

Speakers work
Radio Works

Next step is to pull the DSP amp and find out wahts going on. Its powering on because I can hear hssting noise going up and down with the volume, also, when i switch DSP settings the radio hssst noise stops and starts again so i know its switching. For whatever reason though the audio coming out from the headunit is not reaching the DSP amp

Im still powering on through, Any help would be appreciated
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i'm in the same boat buddy. everything works perfectly save the amp (my theory). last weekend i brought a few beers and climbed into the loadspace and removed the cd, player, subwoofer, and dsp amp per rave after speaking to roverville. as the dsp amp fequently fries from condensation i wanted to check it out. for a fried amp it looks **** good with no rust or visible wear and there is no perceivable moisture in the cavity it occupied. i'm not going to lie, there has been moisture in the spare tire well so it's a strong possibility. haven't opened the amp case yet though. i'm going to have a shop plug into the amp and verify that's the problem, then get a replacement lr or aftermarket one. got sound from nav system clear as a bell and the headunit is walking tall. was getting cd play back for a few seconds then nothing before it stopped working altogether. please post if you get to the bottom of it. i too have gone a few weeks without music and it sucks in light of my hour commute up and hour back each day. :cry:
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You know, I can live with it being broke, But I have to know why. I have a Volt meter and A test speaker and im not afraid to use them :geek: . Im going to figure this out :think: . Will keep posted. It just started raining so afterwards Ill remove the DSP and power on threw. :arrow:
hells bells! i just got off the phone with the stealership and they actually told me who they use to repair and test factory dsp amps and gave me their phone number. i was like "are you guys feeling okay?" :think: anyway, i called that shop (independent) and they said to bring it over and they'd test it for me and we'd talk about what to do next if it is or is not the amp. it doesn't solve the problem but at least now i'm going to get an answer on if it is the amp from the people my dealership would be using to work on it from a shop i know is accustomed to the hk hse system. then we worry about paying for it. :cry:
Dude, where the heck is the DSP Amp, I thought it was on the back of the sub, theres nothing back there, or is it behind the carpet??
the sound panel behind the subwoofer comes off as well. it involves putting the seats forward and gently prying off plugs on the load space cover and removing that. a screw here and there. then you gently seperate the furry layer of insulation behind that, unbolt the three bolts holding on your dsp amp and unplug it. i'm taking the amp to the above mentioned shop for a test. in a way i hope it's the amp for closure...
alright. dsp amp at shop the stearlership recommended. they've been doing car audio since like the 50's. will keep everyone posted on the outcome. they said they get tons of amps fried or corroded from moisture (not just rangies, everyone's). mine still looks brand new on the outside so they're plugging it in to see what's up. good news is they've fixed the hk amps for p38's before. she didn't even bat an eyelash when i told her the situation and said definitely sounds like the amp. also said, being it isn't caked with rust, they'll probably just have to clean it inside and replace any parts that may have perished.
flat rate for the whole enchilada regardless of duration of work time and what they need to fix in there. they're not cheap but good work never is. i will tell you it's a helluva lot less than a brand new one and two hundred bucks less than a lightly-used one online. they're doing something right over there b/c they had a huge rack of tagged amps and components ready for pick-up that we were done. judging by the imports in the parking lot getting installations they usually get it sorted.
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Dont know how and dont know from where but I have manage to get the DSP AMP out and apart and discovered faint traces of water running directly threw the board. Only when held up in certain light do I see the Particles left from the water that dried on the amp. Now, to be ignorant for a second,,,,


I will attempt to clean the board with contact cleaner and see what happens from there.
Its nice to know why now

The light gray strip is the water

all the way to the bottom
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:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:




I sprayed the board in contact cleaner, actually I used MAF sensor cleaner and lighty wipe it with a paper towel and OMG MY SOUND IS BACK
:crybaby2: :crybaby2: :crybaby2: TEARS OF JOY LADIES AND GENTLEMAN

To everyone wondering why the DSP amp goes out I believe this is the cause, someone how water is getting into the unit. Mines is a perfectly kept never been wrecked range and for whatever reason, the water was there. I will be mounting the amp in a different place right now, I leave it to someone else to find where the water is in from. Also, there is no water or mildew smell in the car. just that very faint small stream on the board.

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! THERE'S HOPE FOR MINE YET! wish i had your post before dropping mine off at the shop but who cares?! they can be fixed! :dance:
out of curiosity, how are you going to prevent it in the future? wondering how to protect mine when i get it back. i'd love to vacuum seal that bad boy in plastic but i know they heat up so that probably won't work...what's your next move? perhaps i'll put one of those little things that people store with guns that prevents rusting in the cavity where the amp goes? that's not a permanent fix either though...
im embarrssed to admit how i am mounting it now...... Actually Im not. It freakin works WOOOHOOOOOOO :dance:

This units wiring gives quite a bit of slack so for now I have it on the outside of the panel. I used velcro for the moment until I feel like figuring out something more permanent. Its getting hot outide and I dont want to be in the heat anymore.

:thumb: :clap: :dance: :pray: :D 8)

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classic! :lol: please tell me putting it back together was easier than ripping it out...did you disconnect the battery or just plug 'er right back in when the car was off?
No battery disconnect.
It was diff a lot easier going back than pulling apart. I also learned Jumper Cables make a very good pair of panel poppers when used side ways.
I however did not dare turn on the radio or car while I was disconnection the amp or anything. Car stayed off. Only when All items where plugged in did I turn on the radio system
hmm. i can't remember if there's enough room in the woofer/changer compartment to fit the amp into...you would have noticed that reassembling it and probably done it though. i'd really like to procure some sort of packing or waterproofing ability when i reinstall mine so it doesn't happen again. i hear old oil soaked rags are good for this! :mrgreen:
I use to be Deeply into car stereo, Hitting 155db consistently. Yeah, I lost 30% of my hearing but it was fun.
If you figure out a good spot let me know. For now, I never tow or haul anything so I will never go back there for the moment to worry about it.
I know the amp where its at will not get a drop of water and has more than enough air to breathe and dissapate heat. I wouldnt but it anywhere where it cant breathe freely. Let me know when you find a good spot.
the only thing is i like the original location of the component. just want to protect it. perhaps there's something in the way of a goretex bag stuffed with asbestos i can devise and put around it...ventilation and heat absorption in one convenient design!
my problem with leaving it exposed is i fish. alot. there's lots of times when wet/sandy gear, waders, jackets, coolers, beer and ice, buckets, and fish are in the loadspace. i like the fact it's buried in the paneling...but how to put it back in protected?
Judging by the water trail, it leaked in from the top middle somewhere. You could take it apart(console area), joy ride to a power wash facility. Have your friend hose that puppy down on that side, then try to see where the water is coming in. If i was really desperate to fix that part that would be my next step. I would be to worried trying to protect the amp in some way would put it into another faliure. Water damage is usually 100/1 fix if the elctronic was dipped into water but never turned on, 50/50 If on but has a protect mode like amps do, 1/100 if its fully with no protective circuit then it has nothing else to do but fry itself to the great beyond.

But a overheated amp once burnt crisp is a great door stopper, Had a nice Punch 1000 amp doorstopper back in the day. It burned up because I had it stored in the spare tire area sealed with no way to breathe....Oh those little lessons learned in life
all kidding aside i may inquire around about some sort of heat retardent sleeve i could put around it that would still let it breathe/stay cool while absorbing/repelling water in the future. i'll ask the place working on mine what they recommend.
quick update. took the amp to a stereo place. there is no way to "repair" it and harman kardon and lr have it worked out so you can only get new ones through lr. that said, the place told me they are able to get power through the amp. after seeing mystikil's above post i asked the shop if there was indicia of water contamination like stains and dried water marks on the board. they replied that there were. i told them i'd heard of a amps that had been cleaned and resurrected so they are "bathing" it in the cleaning solution they use to clean components and cleaning it. i told them not to do any more work than that on it lest the cost of same consume the cost of tracking down a lightly used one. she's bathing as we speak and once it dries out i'll pick it up and plug it back in and try it. keeping my fingers crossed. :pray: otherwise i'll have to track down one from roverville or somewhere like that. i'm morally opposed to buying a brand new one if i can avoid it.
"fixed" is probably erroneous. the shop told me it couldn't be "fixed" because it's specifically designed so it can't be repaired, only replaced. after reading mystikil's account i asked if they could just clean it for me then. i asked if there were h20 marks on the board and they said yes, white stains, so they put it into a bath they do on the boards and let it swim for a while. then they dried it out for a few days. i plugged it back in and it works! :dance:
now i get to reassemble the subwoofer and changer and reinstall those in the 90 degree heat but i'm 'effin overjoyed!
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