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R.I.P. 89 RRC

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Sad to say it looks like the end for my 89 RRC. Had a faulty light, which led to many things seizing and before i could catch it the damage was done. So on to my options. I can locate a new engine but some of the electrics are starting to act up as well as some other normal wear and tear for the years/milege put in. I do have a lot of money invested in the suspension,tires, ac,etc so i would rather locate another RRC so i can swap most of the stuff over. Another option, which i hope i can get some more in depth info from everyone here, is possibly getting a defender d90. From what i remember a lot of the parts are universal to both vehicles. I'm sure the exhaust isn't but i'm really concerned with the old man emu shocks/springs and steering damper, shock towers, ac and condenser as those are fairly new items. Just gathering info as i weigh my options.
Thanks in advance
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Whilst under the skin, the two are very similar there aren't that many common parts.
Axles, engine(but you may need to swap ancilliaries), main gearbox(not transfer box) and possibly the front shock towers. Spring and shock rates are different.
swap in a 400 pontiac. 6.6L of fun, should bolt up if the rover retained the BOP boltpatter of the buick 215. new mounts, run it off carbs, for 800bucks you could have a highperformance rover
bandit86 said:
....should bolt up if the rover retained the BOP boltpatter of the buick 215...
I dont' think they did.

http://www.aluminimV8.com will help you out on engine matters.
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