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I installed a Quicksilver exhaust on my RRS 5.0/V8 dynamic this morning. My initial drive was like 'wow, perfect!' Nice growl when accelerating. Cabin noise was not even noticeable in that short drive. Then this afternoon I took it on the highway. Not so happy. It seems maybe between 1500-2000 RPM (? will have to look closer) there is a loud drone. When going downhill, or laying off the gas is not bad. A quick search found a few people with other vehicles who had installed x-pipe, or removed the resonator? Any advice or similar surgeries in this group?
I would also be very interested in a solution to this issue, as I had to remove my Quicksilver exhaust, it was just too intense over time. Any long drives would bug the hell out of me, almost like having someone using a pneumatic drill close by constantly. Tried to contact Quicksilver for a solution, as their sales pitch says "slightly more presence, but not too intrusive" or something to that effect, but to no avail.
As for the x-pipe, there already is a join just after the middle box on the quicksilver where the gasses can flow between the two pipes, so I'm not sure an x-pipe would do much good. I have been thinking of trying a crossover pipe somewhere around the rear boxes, but haven't got round to it yet.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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