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Stopping into the Portland dealer when picking up my '17 RRS I checked out a '18 to understand the differences, and I was surprised at how much has changed between '17 and '18. While the car feels similar overall, it's a very nice incremental change overall.

  • New LED lights are very sharp and accent the angled and muscular figure of the RRS perfectly.
  • The revised bumper puts more air directly towards the (still too vulnerable) intercoolers, much like the SVR bumper of '17.

  • Of course the new Touch Pro Duo makes a big splash carrying over from the Velar. All three screens are very sharp and offer excellent daytime readability, though the center stack screens are very glossy and hugely fingerprint prone. I'm surprised a more oilophobic coating was not used.
  • The main virtual instrument panel is very sharp and contrasty with the '18, and better organized. Text is more readable and refresh rate is faster.
  • Touch Pro Duo doesn't seem any faster than InControl Touch Pro, just as laggy navigating maps and entering text as my '17. This is a bit disappointing, and I would've expected a much faster Atom processor being used here, especially given the price point of the vehicle.
  • The lower screen takes some getting used to, and requires 1-2 more interaction steps than with the manual controls in the '17. It is nice to be able to change seat/cabin cooling/temperature settings without disturbing the main screen.

Touch Points
  • The seats have changed significantly, with more padding on the sides (accented by soft suede-like material), and the leather feels more supple than the Oxford perforated leather. Overall more comfortable and supportive.
  • Steering wheel is very stylish with the two-tone finish, and the shape is more comfortable as it's slightly oval. Capacitive touch controls seemed to be a bit too sensitive to accidental touches, but I suspect you're get used to that.
  • Seat cooling seems to work better on the back of the seat compared to the '17 seats, blowing more air.
  • Window controls feel much better, as they seem to be the same smooth touch metal trim as the rest of the vehicle. The window switches in my loaner '18 Explorer felt better than the switches in my '17 RRS.
  • The shifter is a little more compact, which is a nice touch.

  • In-door pockets seem larger than '17
  • Available door storage pockets when 'Extended Trim' is selected with SC, ATB, OR SVR.
  • Finally the split dual passenger dash storage compartments are available, though the top one still requires you to manually hold it open it after pressing the button. There is an electrical outlet in there!
  • The hidden cup holder storage is a revelation. You can slide forward the empty cup holders and reveal a cavernous storage bin which can fit a lot of stuff, and as a bonus there's an electrical outlet in there! I suspect this is a good smuggling compartment.
  • The cooler compartment is actually a fridge this year, with a proper thick flip-up lid.

  • Optional AC outlet is nice, most SUVs come with this these days, and Land Rover is a bit late in this area.
  • If desired, the sun shade closes automatically when car is parked, and opens again when you get back in.
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