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Hey guys I know this has been answered before and I saved the information as a text file but cannot find it, or anywhere else it has been discussed.
I've been running the mars manual EAS system but want to put it into piggyback mode with Storey Wilson's EAS suite. (I have the cable.)

lh front =
rh front =
lh rear =
rh rear =

Much appreciated!

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A(1, Red)-Left Rear
B(2, Blue)-Right Rear
C(4, Green)-Right Front
D(3, Black)-Left Front
E(5k Black 8mm)-Dryer
F(6, Purple)-Resivoir
G(9? Black 8mm)-Dryer

Thought I had the picture too, but cannot find it right now, sorry.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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