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Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone has installed a push button keyless ignition system / passive keyless entry system in an 08 Range Rover sport. Is it possible to get the genuine parts Land Rover uses on 2010 models and install them on the 08 ? I'd like to stay away from the viper system, however I have found the AdvancedKeys systems and they look good, only downfall is the keycard used is so bulky and ugly :/ also, if I get an aftermarket system , can I program a genuine Range Rover key fob to be used with the system (I doubt it would, but thought I would ask). By the way, I'm looking for the systems that have the key fob, I don't like the whole turn the key, but the button way. Also, if a key fob is used, how would that get around the steering wheel lock?

Please leave any advice!
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