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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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This is for DIESEL NUTS.
Recently I changed the diesel filter & after connecting everything tried to start but the RANGIE said NO.

After checking I noted that no diesel in the line between filter & the tank.
Checked the relay it was kay but tank pump is not. wired directly but tank Pump said NO WAY.

Got a can full of diesel and gave a line to the filter & kept the can little above the filter. bled the system from FIP input , with a few cranks, RANGIE came to life. `)

Noted the following,
1. FIP absorbs diesel in chunks of about 0.5 lts in each 5 secs.
2. can run the vehicle without the intank pump. ( Afterwards I connected the tank line and still running on it)
3. u need to crank abut 5 6 turns to start.
4. engine is little sluggish but stays at 70-80 KMPH without coughing.

I own a TOYOTA CORSA DIESEL(simillar to TERCEL) which has a NIPPON DENSO FIP incorprating an internal low pressure pump & filter based primer( no inatank pump). I think Rangie FIP too must be having the internal low pressure pump that's why it runs without the intank pump.

Just for the sake of info, may be useful in an emergency ;)


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