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Hi guys,

I'm so bummed when I found out my P900 does not work with the RRS. Looks like a different firmware on the phone. It sees both but it would just not pair up! Tried other phones like the O2's and it paired up in like 10 secs. I'm so excited to use all the functions on the RRS so I bit the bullet and bought another phone for 150 bucks Nokia 6820 version 4.73 i believe and the Nokia Cradle XVE500020 for 128 bucks which I think is a good deal considering the first stealer I called quoted me for 170.

All in all, they both work good. Transferred my address book and can use all of the phone menu like call register, phonebook, etc. Audio is good too as well. Tried it with friend and did an audio check and it was loud and clear with no echo or loop back issue.

Hope this helps.

01 ML320 Black
06 RRS HSE Chawton white
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