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Proud Rhino SYA kit install

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So I have done a few of these over the last few years and every time I go looking for Pictures of the straps(I dont do enough to remember in my old age.) No instructions come with the kit and most of the posts out there are gone but Dons from NCLR on his LR3.

Here are my notes from install to help anyone doing this especially on a Sport.

1. To start I used my computer to depressurize the air springs.
2. Removed the 1 lower bolt on the front strut and place the jack under it. 24mm and 21mm Bolt and nut. View attachment IMG_20181121_083048297.jpg
3. Next I disconnected the electrical connector on the top of the strut (supercharged sport with dynamic suspension)
View attachment IMG_20181121_083039433.jpg
4. Then the three top mounting bolts 15mm. I use flex head ratcheting wrench on the front two nuts and a ratchet on the rear. I also start with the rear nut. Since the strut is sitting on the jack at this point I lower it a few inches to expose the air line and cut just above the rib on the hose (see pic)
View attachment IMG_20181121_083349180.jpg
5. The strut is free at this point. I remove the air line fitting from the top of the strut and installed the air line extension.
View attachment IMG_20181121_083529022.jpg
I put a little white grease on the brass fitting and line to help seal. When tightening this back in place just snug since it is brass and will strip.
View attachment IMG_20181121_083644587.jpg
6. Installed the plate and replaced the 15mm nuts.
7. installed the strut back in the car. Top bolts in the kit are 17mm
8. Reconnected the air line using supplied quick connect from the kit and the electrical connector. View attachment IMG_20181121_084253580.jpg
9. Note the front set up on the sport Does Not use the limit straps (as advise by L8) There is no place to mount the strap to the control arm.
View attachment IMG_20181121_084644596.jpg

Just my notes, it is pretty easy and straight forward but there are a few tips involved. I will follow up with the rear tips next.


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For the Rear its pretty much the same as the front. Much easier to access the top bolts.

For the rear the Proud Rhino kit comes with Limit straps and a bracket. It is common sense(for some) that the strap goes on the front bolt of the spacer(towards the control arm)

The bottom of the strap attaches to the Camber adjustment bolt at the knuckle.
Removed the nut on the back side of the adjuster bolt being careful to hold the Bolt on the front from moving with a wrench. (Usually you would mark the cam eccentric to the control arm just in case you loose point of reference)
The supplied bracket (newer kits come with this) is to hold the Limit strap facing inwards as to not rub on the tire/wheel.
View attachment IMG_20181121_105648325.jpg

This was where I got lost. There were no pictures anywhere of this (that i could find) and it took a Phone a Friend call and a few minutes messing around to figure this out. Hopefully the next person finds this picture and does not have to waste the time.

All in all very easy. Took a few hours with all the messing around to get it all installed. Everything went together properly and once together with the Johnson Rods there was no issues on any of the settings. Car def sits high enough to drive in the event of a suspension failure. Only broke one 3/8ths ratchet in the process but luckily ran into my SnapOn guy right after it was completed and got her warrantied.
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