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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Before everyone kicks the sh*t out of me, I did search and I do have RAVE manual. However, coming from a BMW world, I was wondering if there's a wiring diagram for L322 that is similar to BMW's excellent WDS system, a screenshot of which is below. In WDS each control unit is clickable from a tree-like hierarchy on the left and you get a full view of each component, can click to its location on the vehicle, or drill in further into connections, pins, color-coded wires, and where else they lead in the car.
L322 ELectronic Library PDF lists connections, pins and colors but in purely text format. You get appendix of components at the end with pictures, but they're simply listed in order of their code numbers. RAVE manual I downloaded from the sticky post above does not have L322 at all, and shows P38/1999 model as the latest covered model being listed.
If there's a better, paid version of wiring diagrams available, I'd love to know.

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