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I may have the opportunity to get a great deal on this truck that has only 80.000 miles and surely a porous block.
Owner admitted that it has a coolant leak and needle went to the red once. We'll never know since the BECM is in alarmed state (no central locking, no EKA working, no remote working and brand new battery).

Of course, i could repair it and sell it but i don't have that much time and place or funds.
Another thing is a V8 without LPG worth nothing in Europe. Nobody wants it. So why spend the money.

What parts could benefit my 4.6 GEMS?

First idea is about the full interior, i could refresh and upgrade mine to late version with leather door cards, lightstone furniture everywhere, A B C pillars : new version without flocking.
Does anyone knows if the front seat base furnitures can be swapped to mine or even the full seats to get the 2000 look and avoiding repairing mines (heater dead and height adjustment motor dead).

I may then take out the full set of ECUs and electrics in there (door locks that are not the same as GEMS but motors are the same, doors stations, windows regulators...)
Does anyone knows if i could swap the full Alpine Sound system to my 97 GEMS?

Next, i could benefit all the wheels and MUD's those `)

Could i benefit the 4 wheel TC?

Lots of questions i know but i you know at least one answer that'll be good enough.



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There was a thread recently about adding TC to a non-TC motor.
Part numbers were quoted and everything.
I reck on it was this year so finding it shouldn't be too difficult.

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IZf your engine is good why not swop it that way round after all ita all the same except fuel managment and that can easily be transplanted

You will also automatically raise the valve so use yours as a spares sell on
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