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Dear Forum,

My 2014.5 RRS HSE has an OEM hitch installed, I suspect this was dealer or port installed since it was not in the options and due to the lack of full-size spare tire. I recently bought and installed the factory wiring, it does work (lights work) but the parking sensors stay on. I only tow one thing a year, an open trailer from u-haul that I use to pickup 2.5 yards of mulch, due to my son's asthma there is only one type of mulch we can use.
I did visit the dealer last weekend and they were asking $380 for programming... that is insane. Anybody knows an independent in the H-town area that can do this? is there a programming tool at a good price that is compatible? are there any other features that can be updated, like auto-access height? I have aging parents and Mom complains about the height, asked the dealer and they told me that feature is available only for 2016 and up.

I will appreciate your assistance!
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