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problems w/ 2014 RR? thinking of buying a used one..

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Hi guys,lost my old name on here.. I had a RRS, and thinking of getting the big version. Seeing if anyone can point me to some problem areas to check out on these cars, as to be honest my RRS has a stack of maintenance paperwork, that's for sure!Also if anyone can tell anything looking at this add, this is the car I'm thinking. Just wanted a cheap 2013-2104 as I think I will switch out in 5 years to a newer model when it comes out, and having a 3 year old totally cool if something spills... ( https://www.texasdirectauto.com/for-sale/Land-Rover/vehicle/SALGS2WF2EA188000 ), one thing that worries me is not really being able to check out the car before purchasing....any and all help would be great, hoping for a better experience then the RRS, so I still have trust for some reason, LOL
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Why can you not check out the Rover prior to purchase? You have a VIN number look it up online and see if there are any major concerns, TSBs or recalls.
This is a nice car. I sold several cars to Texas Direct for a quick unload. They will not purchase cars without management going over every detail of the car, pulling all records via their computers and then making the appropriate offer based on facts. Good luck to you. Here is some quick information on this vehicle. https://www.iseecars.com/vin-SALGS2WF2EA188000-c2345 https://www.vehiclehistory.com/paging-vin-report-data/new-report-wva.php?vin=SALGS2WF2EA188000
thank you! really appreciate the time it took for you to Link those sites.appreciate it
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