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I bought a navvideo for my range rover sport an few months ago. Today a made the install. The following things I did: the power cables fitted to a 12v charger. Power is there i think because the green light was on. I putted the blue plug from the nav-unit out and putted the wire with the yellow tape ( black wire with two square ends) into the plug and into the hole from the nav-unit. IR cable and mode-button cable installed too and then i used a little dvd player for playing a dvd. I connected it to the av1 cable. So that was everything I did. The little buttons(1-8) are all setted > to ON.>> Now the following problem I have is that nothing happened. if I push the power butten of the video module nothing happened. The green light is on buth there's no reaction. If I push the mode-button, I hear a click buth I don't see anything changing on the screen. So now I putted everything back like before and now the gps doesn't work either.


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