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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I would like to check this out if anyone is an expert on the optical audio system of my Range Rover L322 -07.

Everything started six months ago when the sound began to disappear when listening to the radio. The sound came and went, and when the sound stopped, the CD, TV, Radio buttons were grayed out, and they failed to press. After a while, the RR log came up on the screen and the volume button flashed instead of being fixed. No sound came from the stereo either.

Then went through many forums and found that the Bluetooth module could malfunktion, so coupled past it. Felt like it was the problem when it worked for a week, but then the problem came back. Then tried to disconnect some other devices in the place as the BT module, and when I paired up the optical cables on the radio module, the radio again works the sound again, but you can not change channels or other functions such as switching to CD or TV. When I thought it was the radio module that had crashed, I ordered a better used from Ebay. Unfortunately, there was no difference when I tested the "new" module. Is there anyone who has had a similar problem or is an expert helping me how to find the problem?

Best regards David
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