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Pressure on EAS SYstem Question???

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95 Classic Short Wheel Base - what air pressure is each of the airbags at? I know the system pressurizes to 10 bar, but what is the pressure in each of the bags?

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Depends on many things, height setting, weight of the vehicle, etc. The system uses the height sensors as opposed to pressure sensors to make adjustments.

However, as a guide i used to manually inflate mine to roughly 60-65psi in the front and 70-80psi in rear.
JASON said:
how do I manually inflate EAS? ON 95RRC
... with an aftermarket MARS system. Search will give you some pictures and descriptions.
Airbagman also do a system for manual inflation. Having tried both i think this is the better system.

Jason, this will get your RRC back on the road in the short term, so definitely worth considering.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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