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Prepaid Maintenance Plan Transfer?

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Hi. I just purchased a 2016 RRS last weekend and noticed a 3 year Prepaid Maintenance Plan in the glove box, good though 11/2019. In the section regarding transferring of the plan, it states, "This plan coverage remains with the vehicle specified on the declaration page. If the original owner sells the vehicle in a private sale, any remaining coverage under the plan may be transferred to the subsequent owner. A completed transfer application and fee must be submitted to the administrator within 30 days...." followed with many more steps like needing notarization and a bunch of other stuff that seems annoying to have to obtain.

My question is, because I've never bought a used car before, I'm not sure if this would be considered a private sale? My bank took care of everything and paid the previous owners balance/pay off amount of the RRS from his bank. Does this mean it wasn't a private sale considering the banks were acting as the "dealers"? and so the maintenance plan transfers over automatically?

I've tried calling my local Land Rover dealership and haven't been able to actually talk with someone after 3 tries - not looking promising. I plan to visit the dealership soon but just wondering if any members might have any insight regarding this. Thank you!
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That is a private sale. The bank was an agent in the title transfer especially if you financed the sale. They wanted to be certain to secure the title against the loan of the other finance company.
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