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I see a little info about Classics and their compatibility with early Discos, but not much information about the pre-facelift Range Rovers before they were imported to the US. While it looks like the chassis and driveline components might be able to be mixed and matched up through the end of RRC and Discovery 1 production, how compatible are the very early body and trim to the post facelift, and then post second facelift in '89?

I see a lot of aftermarket support for the '87+ models, but nobody lists parts for the early models. Is that because they don't see enough pre-import cars, or are their parts really incompatible with early cars? Even sellers of OEM parts, like bearings and brake parts seem to only list parts for the later cars.

While I don't expect to be able to keep an early car that sees real use 100% correct, I would like to know that I can find working replacements for tailight lenses, window regulators, or wipers if needed.

Are there any gotchas with the early cars drivetrains that would make them incompatible with later RRC models?
Are there any OEM or stock parts sellers that at least include the early cars in their listings, if not cater in them?
How compatible are the early cars to the '87+ cars when it comes to body accessories, like roof racks and bumpers?

1995-2002 Range Rover Classic
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I owned a 1987 range for over 10 yrs (lost it due a nasty divorce), it was a the first year nas market. many components and parts were shared with earlier row models and a few others could be retrofitted.from newer models and shared from D1's.
among the uniques to the year were the brake booster and master cylinder, so were front calipers.
3.5 engine internals could be shared among non us models.
axle parts are based on axle suffix, ( yes I had extreme difficulty procuring the proper bearings, hubs and axle seals).

eventually I gutted my axles leaving only the housings and installing d1 24 spline internal on the existing original housings. this was accomplished even thou many colleagues told me it was impossible with out doing a complete assembly swap.

fenders are the same until 1988, the difference is the way the upper front door hinge protrudes thru the fender, while after 88 it hides behinds the fender until end of production in 95. the interiors specifically door cards, are almost unique to 87 and 88 us models. power seat controls can be obtained from or as mercedes benz parts but are opposite (benz left is rover right)
custom bumpers, well lets just say bumper holes and mounting locations for range and discos, remained the same thru 2004 end of production of the boxed ladder frame (1995 on range).
thus with some minor cosmetic custom work, you could install a 2004 disco arb front bumper on an early classic.
rear bumpers, shared the same mount to 95. I'm sure with dedication you could retrofit a d1 rear on a classic.
u joints are shared with p38's and volvo 740.
with minor changes to grill and hinges and the 2 door to 4 door model, range rovers share most panels across the years, in 1993 the fuel filler neck moved from bottom of quarter panel to top just below the rear quarter glass.
among the 4 door short wheel base model the panels and glass are shared up to 94, in 95 they went to glued windshield.
door glass and window regulators are shared with d1. so are door motors and wiper motors, the difference is in the type of connector and mount location, mount holes are the same.
suspension components are shared as well. yes some unique parts are and have been un-obtanium for a while, but retrofit is possible.
good luck, hope this helps.
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