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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi, I'm new to this site as a member but have been using it since November 2017 when I purchased a low mileage 2003 Range Rover Vogue 3.0td6 - I love it, and this site!

Having benefitted from many postings n this site I thought it was time to give back as success was down to using this site to troubleshoot.

Cutting straight to it then:

- intermittent stiff steering - generally at speed rather than at standstill or slow moving. At standstill all worked fine, so I knew the pump was working fine.

Checks, after visiting this site:

1) checked fluid level (Knew it was fresh as had it changed in November) - was fine
2) checked condition of belt and tension - all fine
3) got car on ramps to search for leaks - none found (probably why the fluid level was ok!!)
4) lubricated the U joints whilst under car
5) plugged car into RSW All Comms and nothing detected

Having read on here about the transducer/servotronic valve I decided to give it a go - I did think this would throw a fault if not working properly, but seemingly not.

I did not get lucky with what should have been a straightforward job which is why I hope this I helpful to others:

- drivers side (UK) jacked up, wheel off - good access to lower bolt, average access to upper (gap between bolt head and engine subframe/chssis (I would call it) not great enough to get torx bit with ratchet on to bolt straight. Both my bolt heads were very rusty and damaged.......I rounded off both torx heads. After trying everything (bigger torx hammered in; allen head hammered in etc etc) I resorted to cutting a groove in the head of the lower bolt and used a flathead screwdriver - this worked!! It didn't on the top bolt however. I cut that off in the end, making sure to leave as much of the thread in place. Having removed the valve I bunged the hole with a trimmed down cork and set about removing the remainder of the bolt in situ. I did this by screwing on two nuts to the thread showing and then backing off the innermost nut which loosened the stud out finally.......!

Fitting new part was easy - top bolt I tightened using a spanner on the torx bit, allowing me to ensure the bit was squarely in the bolt head.

Topped up power steering fluid, bled system and I'm relieved to say the steering is better than ever now.

I hope this helps and prepares others.......I would be more expansive but this has taken AGES to type as this site doesn't recognize every key I press first go,....had to type most words twice for some reason??!
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