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Post Shop Visit Review: 82K Maintenance; Noise Mystery Shocker Solved

After driving the beast in question, it was time to take it into the shop for the 82k mile service. Prior to the visit I had experienced several issues such as:

• The wobbly steering wheel
• Whinning/Whirring during acceleration
• Minor electrical: start up delay of the nav screen while unlocking vehicle


Found out that the real differential was the culprit for the acceleration noise, the rear was producing no sound. After my stomach dropped, I was given an estimate for about $2000+ plus for P&L 8-0= (after calling LR Austin I was about $1900+tax) given the situation, I am considering to get the extended warranty. The noise still persists but I went ahead and changed out the differential fluids as well. It should last me for the time being, but until then, can anyone recommend a good extended warranty plan? I was told "Easy Care" but want to get other opinions before making the decision. I'll have some piece of mind, but what do you guys think?

Shop of Work: Land Rovers Unlimited- TX
Total Cost of visit: $307
82K M
Differential Fluid replaced

Oil change went smoothly, but discovered there needed a replacement one on of the valve covers, shop estimate: $350 P&L

Upon further inspection, it looks like my lower ball joint (passenger side) has been torn and needs replacement.
Shop estimate: $150? (P&L)

Looks like Parts Geek has it so I might just buy it myself and have it put on:
Ball Joint
Can someone confirm if this is the correct part?

Picture below:

Differential Fluids:
Front and rear were replaced and both came out looking like dark brown mocha! YUCK. I did this for some preventative maintenance and glad I made the choice.

Overall the visit was very informative! I had a feeling it was going to be the diffs going out, but never guessed it would have been the rear. The wobbling is probably going be the tires as I have Goodyears on both front, and all bearings are looking good. In all I will be replacing the parts with the exception of the diffs, unless I get a service contract going. Given that, I'd love everyones feedback from this visit!
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