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Possible sticky? LOWEST prices paid for NEW blend motors?

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I'm starting a post to find out the lowest price each of you have paid for a NEW set of blend door motors. Hey like many of us, I am always in the market for the cheapest prices on parts, and among other things like damper, track rod, drag links, and shocks that i need, i now have half my dash out and am considering buying a whole set of NEW motors.

Post the link as well if you can. We all use ebay, but I just cannot find them at a reasonable price. some clown at miami rovers wants $170 US for ONE motor, I laughed.

Anyway, let's get this party started.. I'm sure everyone on here would benefit from this post now or or in the future. If the price is in GBP, then it looks like we'd pay about a 62% penalty to get them from the UK based on the exchange rate, so if our good buddies across the pond and elsewhere add to this, we just need to do our little conversion. it really sucks that our dollar is so weak, because there are some good prices and lots of choices in the uk for parts. When i'm on ebay.co.uk and search for p38 parts, like 2200 come up, versus like 200 here in the states. Big bummer. :cry:
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Re: Possible sticky? LOWEST prices paid for NEW blend motors?

I believe I paid about $390 US dollars (if it was different - I will re-post) delivered to the door for the 3 motors assembly at Rovers North. I just replaced the passenger side blend motor 2 weeks ago. :evil: Not much fun - but my passengers now have heat and the check book symbol was gone for 2 days. Now my passenger side blower motor is bad. :clap: :lol: ... so the check book symbol is BACK.
Re: Possible sticky? LOWEST prices paid for NEW blend motors?

No it is a intermittent whine/grind- like the motor is worn out. The same thing was going on with the drivers side this past summer. Drivers side is a PIA to replace - be careful when putting the new motor in you can shear off parts of the fan - ask me how I know $$$$$$ ( so now I have new motor - just no fan sitting on my work bench- I may see if I can swap the fans). I replaced it - sound is gone and check book symbol was gone. I wish it was a relay... I replaced the fusebox and all relays last winter due to many electrical problems traced back to the box ( no further issues since). The passenger side looks very easy- except the wiring for the airbag runs right in front of the motor :thumb: . I believe I can loosen the attachment points and have "unlimited" access to this. Unlimited- being a very relative term when working on this truck.
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