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Hello folks, first personal is Chris and I live here in sunny but chilly Wasilla, AK.
I've been sorta looking for a Range Rover, well, actually another Series Landy like my 88 from many years ago, but anyway. I have run across a 1990 Rangey, had a couple questions and lloking for insight.

The story is that it runs, and it did when I got there to look at it. The owner thinks it has a bad valve, and given that it was not running that well and was blowing back out of the air cleaner, it sounds plausible to me. He was originally asking $1400, which he dropped to $800, I said OK, went to the bank, he was cleaning out the interior of junk while I was gone. It suddenly died on him while I was gone, he cranked the starter long and hard enough to leave the smell of hot electrical in the air on my return and the battery was run down completely. We were going to try a jump start but neither of us had jumper cables, he then dropped the price another $100 with the idea that a tow is going to cost about that much. I told him I would try to get my son to help me get it home (he has a truck) and left it at that for now.

So here come the questions.

We already know it likely has a bad valve. My concern at this point is that while he was idling it, the bad valve dropped its head into the combustion chamber and that is never a good thing, I would think that it demotes that Rangey from "project" to "parts truck". Assuming I rolled the dice, how much work is it to get the drivers side head off and swap valves? At 153K, if I do go ahead with head work, how likely is it that I would then need to do rings to keep it from blowing oil?

I'm not looking for a daily driver, it would be strictly a toy for weekend amusement, towing stuff, and maybe taking it to work on those really nasty snowy days.

Thnaks in advance!
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