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possible Engine & Trans swap?

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Hey guys, i'm tearing down my '89 3.9 to replace the head gaskets, and got to thinking if anyone here has heard of or seen or done a Chevy 350 swap into the rover? My land rover specialist told me when he was re-timing that it may be more than just the gaskets, and that it may be something much more serious, that would need an engine replacement entirely. My brother - the one who i let borrow the rover, and the one who when he was borrowing it kinda blew it up- has a 80's Chevy costum deluxe, which needs trans work and is sitting in his yard, and suggested that if i do need to swap the engine to use his 350 - and just get the trans work done that's needed for it. Sounds interesting, and was curious if anyone knew if this has been done, or is possible?
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Visit www.marks4wd.com which still makes kits for joining forces with your current transmission or replacement combo ? Gives you some idea of what's involved !


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