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What does the inside of a PCV valve for a 4.4L Jag engine look like, or supposed to look like?

I bought a new one and installed it last night (because i have a P2096 post cat Bank 1 lean code - which I actually think is really coming from bank 2, and I have 187K miles on the engine) and on my drive in this morning as I decelerated down an off ramp I turned into a 4WD Crop Duster blowing out a ton of blueish white smoke. Happened everytime I accelerated after coasting down to a stop, may have been happening to a lesser extent just driving but I couldn't see it. Even had a cop follow me for a time, but somehow I managed not to smoke him out, till just after he turned off and went somewhere else.

The vacuum line from the PCV valve to the throttle body is coated in oil on the inside as if there are no internals in the housing at all, or if there is its stuck wide open. I lost a quart of oil in 25 miles, and had all 4 cylinders on Bank 2 misfiring. Right now (at work) I could hear a monster vacuum leak sound at the valve in idle, and my short term fuel trims are up around 14 on bank 2, and 11 on bank 1 so I have a huge vacuum leak at this valve. I put a couple of sections of electrical tape over the opening on the valve to hose connection, poked a tiny hole in so it would at least partially work till I get home and reconnected it back together Hopefully that will get me home without loosing anymore oil. I reset all the codes (misfires on 2,4,6,8, and an ECT coolant temperature fault (probably because 4 cylinders were not firing correctly) I blew thru the new valve last night before it went on (by mouth not with a compressor) and there didn't appear to be a restriction in either direction, but then again there was none in the old one when it came off either.

For sure the old one is going back on when I get home, and I guess I'll cut this new one open to see what the insides look like. Will photograph them.
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