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Did you pay for Apple CarPlay activation?

Poll: Did you pay for upgrade to Apple CarPlay? (US only)

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Having owned a 2018 RR Velar and now a 2018 RRS (both with TouchPro Duo), I've seen several posts from owners of both cars who have upgraded to software 18D and activated the Smartphone Pack, thus giving you access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some have indicated that their dealership activated the service for no charge, while some have been charged. I was charged $300 USD for the activation, and I'm quite curious to get a feel is this is the standard procedure here in the USA. For reference, my dealership is Land Rover Portland (Oregon). Thanks for the information!
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I bought a CPO 2017 model. I was originally quoted $500 for 18C + Smartphone Pack, but ended up getting charged only $250.

Had I purchased a new 2018, I would have been very pushy about the upgrade being free.
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