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Pls try my EAS Cable - I will ship it to you

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So after continuos trying to infiltrate my EAS computer, I've not been able to. I tried a known computer with a proper port and no USB adaptor(just in case).
Still, I cannot get the truck to communicate with the program. I bought the cable from a guy on ebay and I am starting to suspect that it doesn't work.

I need someone who IS ABLE to access his EAS computer and able to make changes/recalibrate, etc their truck.

So, if you are willing to send me your address, I will send the cable to you (my cost), you try it and see if it works, and let me know and ship iot back to me (my cost).

preferrably someone in the |US.

Let me know, thanks.
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Can't help you as I'm not in the US but I had similar problems to start with, with mine.

Try the following with yours:

Clean the ODBII port - I used a nail brush and wd40

Back probe the ODB2 port to make sure you are getting continuity through the port

Use a multimeter to test the cable from ebay to make sure it is wired correctly

Make a temporary bodge cable. I've seen pics on the internet of people just using strands of wire to connect a serial port directly to the odb2 port.

But seeing as you have a cable I'd ensure it's wired up correctly first - plenty of schematics on the web for the cable
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You can ship it to me, as I know my EAS ECM is perfect (Faultmate).
I can download the program and check it all out if needed.
I would think that Storey would be the best candidate though, as if it is damaged, he can fix it!
My gut feeling tells me that the wire is probably No Go. Actually, I think it's probably the OBD connector or the prong itself that's not matched right. The OBD connectors use a flat blade type prong, and if it's not the right spec, you usually don't get good connection.

Instead of spending all the money on shipping (which can't be that cheap) why don't you buy a new set from RSW? I think it's like $29 or something.

Also, if you don't use your OBD much often, it's possible that the OBD connector multiplug has worked itself off and you didn't realize it. Why don't you take off the passenger-side bottom panel (kick panel?), and see if the multiplug is connected snugly to the OBD connector.
I originally wanted to purchase the RSW cable, but he didn't have them/wasnt selling them/dont remember what it was, so I had to get this piece of junk.
I just REALLY wanted to know if the cable works, you know, but I may just order the one from RSW.

My truck was at the LR dealer 2 weeks ago and they had to communicate with the BECM and were able to, so I am sure that should be fine.
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