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Pls help me locate the coolant leak

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I have a coolant leak at the front of the engine, next to the water pump. I believe it could be the water pump itself, but would appreciate your input.

This is what you see when standing in front of the radiator, looking down:

Range Rover 2000, Bosch Engine. I have recently done the heater O-rings and the throttle body heater gasket.
Water loss is not severe, barely noticeable.
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there is a little hole in the water pump that lets you know the seal has been compromised, it usually dumps coolant in that spot
You probably need a new water pump. The pump usually runs for $120 to $150 and the repair isn't too bad if you want to do it yourself. Otherwise a competent mechanic should be able to do it in less than 2 hours.
Thanks, guys. Good to have it confirmed.
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