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please help!

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hello to all!
I have new problems with my RR.
If I leave car couple days without driving, the battery is dead! seems battery ir ok 1,5 years old
I've noticed that the red lights on the the shifter selector panel fully lit, but a dull burn!!!
ideas what is wrong?
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Perhaps your becm is staying awake draining the battery. There are several posts on this subject. Just do a search :thumb:
RR requiring a specific battery??
there is any suggestions for a better battery to buy
Disconnect the blue wire on the RF unit. If you search for RF receiver you will find information about it. You should then find that the dull red light will go off after about 2 min.
Today I checked the becm.it goes to sleep after 2 minutes. when i lock the car. and after 20 secends its awake!!! working about 2 min goes to sleep, after 20 sec again awake:((( and so on....
as i read this forum possible that the fault is my home wireless... and the RF receiver catch wrong signals and waking up RR BECM...
there is some others RF receivers who is better and did not catch a wrong signals??
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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