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I have put new tires on my ride (RRS HSE). I think tires are the most important part of a car that can be controlled. So i will write first reactions to getting a bigger tire on the car. Later i will update to longterm and offroad use:

History: 130K miles, Yokohama YK580, original suspension except control arms.
Sound: Quieter than the YK580s.
Ride: soft and cushy ride. smaller bumps are handled better, bigger bumps are worse. It could be because of the heavier tire and the state of my suspension, the tires are 6lb heavier each. I feel like there is more thud and travel on bigger bumps.
Handling: Seems little less responsive. Also still waiting for the occasional jump from start.
Driveway: Handles driveways very well. Before i had to enter this driveway at work slowly otherwise vehicle would whiplash like crazy, now nothing. Entry and exit.
Freeway: the reflectors are handled much better and so are the boundaries of concrete freeway sections. little squirl in lane changes and going straight.
Steering: steering feel is softer
Turns: Turns seems to be the same, need more data.
Gas Mileage: TBD
Wet: TBD

Overall: slightly Squishy ride means the car rides more like a truck and less like a sports car. But overall drive is better but there are some compromises.
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