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hey how's it going? i don't know any independents in the philly area but i can personally tell you my entire family has had very good luck with the service departments at land rover cherry hill, willow grove, and west chester. being that we're spread all over the area and have used all at one time or another over the years. not sure if you planned to go stealership but the mentioned places were very fair, candid, and did great work on our vehicles both in and out of warranty over the past decade. i'm probably going to get shot for admitting this but my local "tires plus" has an abundance of land rover experience in a pinch and they have always been tops when it comes to lots of the busy work on my rover or emergency repairs that were more substantial and involved/touchy. i'm sure that varies from branch to branch but mine has everything from 38's to lr3's and supercharged ranges getting serviced and repaired on any given day. i'm still on the lookout for a great indy...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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