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Guys I have a my06 and paid for the updated phonebook software. My phone is the black berry 8830 world edition (sprint)
I recently had a LR3 for a loaner during a recent service and noticed that the LR3 showed all numbers under a contact.
for example if I have a several numbers under a contact it showed all numbers ie
Bob's work
Bob,s cell
Bob's home
and it gave me the option to dial any of the numbers
My 06RRS shows only the name and does not show me options for different numbers under that contact.
When I explained this to the service advisor he said there was a different system in the 09's :think: is this true?
we also tried it in the 09 RRS and it gave options like the LR3
We also tried it in a 08RRS and it only gave the name NO options
MY question anyone with a 06-08 RRS get OPTIONS under the phonebook?
OR is it just my phone?
thanks in advance for your help

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I think your SA is right, on MY09s they no longer use a Nokia module like they did in 2006-08 (I think the new module is made by Motorola.) They did eliminate the useless cradle thingy under the center armrest, and probably improved Bluetooth connectivity, such as the better phonebook interface you noticed.
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